Friday, August 06, 2010

Trickle up economics

From self-proclaimed former economic hitman himself, John Perkins.

In North America we've mostly been ok with this stuff happening to the rest of the world but gradually we are seeing more of it come home to roost. The Gulf spills, Katrina, the tar sands, the G20 fiasco, the increasing gap between rich and poor.

My brother just got back from a holiday in the States. The parks are untended, he said, no one is grooming the trails so they're growing back in again, and did I know that in some states schools are open less than six months of the year now to save money?

I was just reading about it in the New York Times, I said. They're also shutting down public transit systems and streetlights and libraries and auctioning off police helicopters to save money, but somehow there's still billions in tax dollars available for the GWOT and "policing" the rest of the world and handing out massive bonuses to the same banksters who wrecked the joint. Trickle up economics.


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Kim said...

Wow. The truth. Powerful. Thanks Alison.

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