Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alex Hundert re-arrested for third time

G20 defendant AlexHundert has been re-arrested for the third time this morning on new charges according to his lawyer. Hard to imagine just what those new charges might be, given that his most recent bail conditions stipulate he is not allowed to speak to the media, attend public events, have any contact with his friends, use the internet, or express any political opinions.

Reposting this interview from Sept, back when Alex Hundert's spoken words were not yet so dangerous that no one was allowed to hear them.

Monday AM : Update from Pogge on the charges :
"According to Jonah Hundert, Alex's brother : "From what I know, two Crown attorneys are alleging that Alex tried to supposedly intimidate them during a court appearance last week."

As noted by Pogge, the Crown attorneys were so intimidated it took them three days to notice it.


Orwell's Bastard said...

Maybe he failed to sit quietly with his hands folded. Or failed to ask permission to use the bathroom. Or opened his front door without asking.

As someone asked a few days ago, where are the Free Speech Warriors?

Alison said...

Wait a bit - they might be along. After Dr. Dawg posted about the second arrest, Jay Currie responded with a post and in the comments Kathy Shaidle asked where she could send help.
If they do get on board despite their opposition to what they see as Hundert's lefty politics, good for them.

Orwell's Bastard said...

Not holding my breath. Have we managed to identify the prosecutor / arresting officers for a little public shaming, at least?

Alison said...

You're right so far re speechie support this time round but I am still holding my breath because rolling back this kind of state bullying requires a broader united front against it.

Re who the flunkies are - I guess we'll find out at his court appearance tomorrow.

A tiny tiny victory. On Oct 20 Superior Court Justice Todd Ducharme denied the Crown's application to impose conditions of non-association with SOAR and AWOL on Hundert's girlfriend Leah Henderson on the grounds that neither org has membership lists so a non-association condition is just setting someone up to breach.

Presumably this ruling can now be used by Hundert's lawyer on Monday to overturn his non-association conditions, and, if they were the pretext under which he was re-arrested, to free him.

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