Friday, October 22, 2010

On media pron and tabloid police work

It's time to pull the media off the pictures of the serial killer wearing a girl's bra and panties.

My veterinarian's guidebook advises the best strategy for separating them is to talk soothingly to them until the swelling goes down and do not throw water on them.

Well fuck that. Here's some much-needed buckets of clear analysis from Antonia Z and Mirabile Dictu on how media pron covered up tabloid police work :

Forced entry .

WTH is up with Mallick? .

Caught flat-footed .

Serial killing 101 .

Antonia wants a public inquest. I want to know why coverage and analysis like hers and Elizabeth's isn't running on the front pages of newspapers.



Anonymous said...

I strongly second both suggestions.


Kev said...

Lets see there was a string of similar crimes in the region consisting of break ins where womans and childrens undergarments were taken, yet no alert. Clearly the police knew there was someone out there dangerous to woman and that this type of behaviour typically escalates into more violent crimes.

In one case upon calling the police to report a break in and not finding anything missing, one victim was directed by the cops to check her undergarments finding them and her daughters missing,proving that the cops knew there was a serial criminal preying on woman and children still no public warning. Such a warning could have led to his capture due to a vigilant citizen. There must be an inquiry into the mismanagement of this case by the authorities.

As for the media, their behaviour while consistant with their lack class it was still one of their most disgusting outrages. There was absolutely no reasonable rationale for displaying those pics, except lurid sensationalism. God help the victims and thair families should the media ever get their hands on the videos

Alison said...

Agreed. Well said, Kev.
There may well have been others but I thought Antonia Z and Hysperia's coverage of those points was excellent.

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