Tuesday, October 05, 2010

McVety wants National Defence investigated

You would think that rapture raptor blowtard Charles McVety would be satisfied with his part in getting DefMin Peter Airshow MacKay to ban Executive Director of the Canadian Islamic Congress Imam Delic from speaking as planned at Defence headquarters yesterday as part of Islamic Heritage/History Month celebrations.
Banned, as Pogge put it, for : "Comments made six years ago by someone else who later apologized for them."

Hell no. McVety still wants Harper to investigate MacKay's National Defence headquarters for boogity boogities. Here he is on CTV :

"We're questioning whether it is a serious security failure. One is the wisdom of our National Defence headquarters having an Islamic Heritage celebration when our men and women are overseas fighting ...."
Um, Charles, did you miss Senator Hugh Segal introducing Imam Delic to speak at the launch of Islamic History Month in Parliament in October 2007? Back to Charles :

"You have to remember this is an internal national defence issue. Is this a security breach that has entered into other places in our government? It's a real surprise to see this happening inside our National Defence headquarters - we're talking about the internal operations of our national defence and intelligence within our defence forces."
From McVety's letter to Stephen Harper (Guess he finally got over being pissed at Steve for being a one-worlder commie):

"Circumstances surrounding this failure raise questions about our Defence headquarters’ internal security at a time when experts warn of the risk of infiltration of our security organizations. Was the Delic invitation facilitated by associates of the Canadian Islamic Congress or other radical Muslim elements operating from within National Defence headquarters itself?
Something has gone wrong, and we ask fair-minded Canadians to call upon Prime Minister Stephen Harper to fully investigate this serious security failure."

Wear it, Airshow. It's all yours. Looks good on ya.
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And here is the text of Imam Delic's cancelled speech.


Boris said...

The serious security failure is the influence of a Mr Charles McVety, private citizen and religious extremist, on the operations of government, including national defence.

This is moving into the absurd.

Anonymous said...

"This is moving into the absurd."

Sorry Boris but no movement is required. I am busy renovating my fixer upper here in Absurd.
I call it Adanac and its been pretty ass backwards for, oh, let's say a near half decade.

The Mound of Sound said...

Holy Shit! Get this guy one of those white, pointy hats and a burning cross.

Anonymous said...

The serious security failure is the Canadian front man for Texas billionaire televangelist Pastor John Hagee and his Christians United For Israel having any influence up here whatsoever, let alone over Airshow.
Be sure to click Alison's first link above.


Barb Miller said...

Sure hope God isn't advising this crackpot!

Beijing York said...

I read Iman Delic's speech and he did not denounce his terrorist neighbours. Obviously a radicalized Islamist supporter of terrorism.

We should be thankful for Chuckles McVety's thoughtful watch of our enemies within :-)))

thwap said...

Charles McVety is just trying to shoot his load before the harpercons are defeated and he retires into total impotent obscurity.

Either that or our debased political culture gives the harpercons a majority and he becomes our Ayatollah.

One or the other.


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