Thursday, October 14, 2010

Somewhere in a hot tub of lukewarm piss ...

... careful consideration of the reasons for Canada's failure to gain a seat on the UN Security Council continues among the Cons and their supporters in the media.
"Canada barely escaped with its integrity intact at the United Nations", writes Kelly McParland at NaPo, "According to reports on the voting, Canada lost because it refused to sell off bits of its principles."
McParland does not mention the Mountie made available for photo ops with UN delegates or the bottles of maple syrup delivered to them before the vote.
Just small advance tokens of our appreciation for not compromising our integrity.
Honestly, you'd think the Cons would be more grateful to Iggy and his awesome UN mind control ray.
h/t Canadian Cynic


Beijing York said...

Brilliant, brilliant...

Boris said...

Oh, there must be a photo to be shopped about the Iggy-ray.

Anonymous said...

The most amazing thing about the Iggy-ray is that it changes your vote at the UN even if you have never heard of him.
Well I guess that figures. Wouldn't be much of a ray if it required advance notice.


Anonymous said...

Richard Grenfell, a former American spokesman at the UN, said U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice "not only didn't campaign for Canada's election but instructed American diplomats to not get involved"

kootcoot said...

Boris - do you mean something like this? (as the tool tip sez, Click to Enlarge the Image)

ck said...

Now! Now! Iggy had help from the evul coalition of "soshalists", "separatists" and, now, over at Jymn's place, "the evul spaghetti monster".

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