Saturday, October 16, 2010

Interview with G20 defendant Alex Hundert

A guy so terrifying a Canadian court has banned him from speaking.

Well here he is, interviewed in September.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Alison.
Although it should not be relevant to the dreadful way the government is treating him, I did wonder what he was actually like.

Patrick Ross said...

The Orwellian manner in which the left is addressing this story is nothing short of hilarious.

When did "community organizer" become rhetorical shorthand for "riot organizer"?

Alex Hundert is a criminal at best, and a terrorist at worst. Jail is where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

Patsy dashes off a quick comment before even listening to the interview.

Patrick Ross said...

Actually, I did listen to the interview -- last night.

Hundert's interview is remarkable only in the extent of his own self-edification.

Hundert and his friends are, for example, still trying to press the banal and false allegation that they're being suppressed for their ideas.

Quite the contrary: they're being dealt with because they choose not to advance their ideas peacefully, and resort to violence in order to do so.

Alex Hundert belongs in jail. He's going back very soon, and I hope to see him stay there for a very, very long time.

Anonymous said...

Guilty until proven innocent, eh?

Patrick Ross said...


Farbeit for someone who publicly brags about organizing Black Bloc violence to be suspected of doing so again.

The law presumes he is innocent. But he seems pretty F'n guilty. I look forward to seeing him in prison where he belongs.

Alison said...

Patrick, you have your own blog from which to libel people, campaign against freedom of speech, and applaud the erosion of civil liberties to your heart's content. Please don't do it here again.

Barb said...

Well said to Patrick Alison - thank you for posting this interview.

Holly Stick said...

Hundert's brother was on The Current this morning:

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