Monday, April 10, 2006

Blackberry squelch

From The Hill Times :
"The Conservatives have banned MPs, Cabinet ministers, and Senators from carrying cellphones and BlackBerries into the new government's weekly caucus meetings on Parliament Hill for "security and confidentiality reasons" and they've barred political staffers from attending the meetings as well.
[The national caucus chair] denied that it had anything to do with minimizing the risk of caucus leaks to the national media every Wednesday."

Next week I imagine they will also ban MPs, Cabinet ministers, and Senators from the weekly caucus meetings.


Chris said...

That's actually a good thing!

Here's why...

Alison said...

Well you know , Chris, for a moment there I was delighted to think you meant banning the MPs, Cabinet ministers, and Senators would be a good idea.
I not only take your actual point, I think the national caucus chair probably had similar reasons - at least in part.

But I just couldn't resist the snark.

Anonymous said...

no. i can't do it. i just can't cut and paste urls anymore. nuh-uh.

what the hell's a blackberry? i'm not going to google it, no way.

i think banning politicians would be a marvellous idea. then let's move empty parliament to winnipeg. i'm sure the waskana could do with more shit floating around.

some photoshops of stehpan harpdiscord, please.

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