Monday, April 17, 2006

Jesus Christ on a cracker

Now with Pimento!
Although I've often heard people say 'Jesus Christ on a cracker', I'd never actually seen it before tonight when I got up to have a midnight snack and fool around on my computer. Naturally this miracle's going straight to eBay, where it will be available in either the Original Great Taste! or the No Salt Low Fat! version.
And for connoisseurs with a taste for something slightly more filling, I'm also offering Jesus on Wheat Toast, cheese and antipasto extra.

I'm sorry ... what was that? Unlikely miraculous appearances that are available in three completely different versions seem somewhat less than authentic to you?
Please. That's a whole two less than the five completely different versions of the Resurrection found in the Bible.

So act now while supplies last.
Any resemblance to persons neither living nor dead is ridiculous.
Some local religious statues may apply.


scout said...

do they come as stoned wheat thins? also, could you please come up with the matching cheese? cheese 'n chrasters.

Dave said...

That looks like a stoned wheat thin.

Anyway, Alison, you're tagged

Anonymous said...

i'm looking forward to the "babe in swaddlings' olive for my martini. what a great combo for soirees.

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