Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday Christcapades

From National Geographic News :
"A freak cold spell that covered parts of a lake with ice could explain the biblical tale about Jesus walking on water, says a team of U.S. and Israeli scientists."

Jesus : Hey look at me! I waxed the bottom of my sandals this time.
Mark : Seen it , Jesus.
Matthew : Quit kidding around - you're scaring all the fish.
John : If he falls in again, I'm not fishing him out this time.
Jesus : And now - for the first time anywhere - on one foot only!
Mark : You know, he is really hauling ass out there. Maybe we could market that crap he puts on the bottom of his shoes, get out of this fishing racket for good.
Matthew : Market it as what exactly?
Mark : I dunno - a water repellent? A leather preservative?
Matthew : That could work. We'll need a name and some kind of really catchy slogan...
John : How about "Jesus!". "Jesus! saves soles".
Matthew : Why not "Matthew!" and "Matthew! saves soles"?
Mark : Oh so now you want to be the idiot everyone sees skating around in circles out here all the time?
John : Right - "Jesus! saves soles" it is then. Ah there he goes - right into the drink.
Matthew : We're coming, Jesus. And guess what? We're going to make you famous!

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Havril said...

As blasphemy goes, that's funny stuff. You'll have them in stitches in the pit of fire. "Thank you, you've been a great audience. I'm here all -- well, I'm here all eternity. Don't forget to tip the demons.

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