Saturday, April 01, 2006


Resolve :
1) a carpet cleaner/stain remover
2) a noun meaning ‘determination’
3) a verb meaning ‘to deal with or settle on by deliberate choice’

While reading Canadian Cynic’s rant earlier today about the ridiculous misuse of the word ‘resolve’ to describe what’s not happening with the soft wood lumber dispute, I was also listening to the news on CBC. They were reporting that Bush – he of the ‘steely resolve’ – refuses to budge on his decision that Canadians will soon need a passport or national ID card of some kind to visit the US, and that Stockwell Day is already taking the necessary steps to comply.
In closing, CBC stated it was not certain how the issue would be resolved.
I must have missed the 'deliberate choice' part.

So. When applied to Bush, ‘resolve’ means a steely determination.
When applied to Canada, it must mean a carpet cleaner.


Anonymous said...

So Canda is a carpet with a lot of spots. Maybe everyone could learn to throw up in a bucket.

Havril said...

Or when you ask Stockwell Day, it just might mean: "Uh, to solve again?"

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