Sunday, April 16, 2006

Canada is going to the dogs

Following his walkies in Afghanistan, Harper came home to muzzle the press and his own MPs, demanding absolute obedience and threatening severe discipline for those members who stray off message.
Yesterday top general Rick Hillier was also put on a short leash.

Minister of Trade David Emerson announced that due to conflicts of interest, he will be begging off participation in some aspects of the softwood lumber dispute, which we all know we're going to have to roll over on anyway.
Last week Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Mackay widdled off the paper when he met Condi Rice, and next week Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, who is barking mad, is due to have his turn drooling on the shoes of his US counterpart Chertoff.
Environment Minister Rona Ambrose plays dead about global warming while Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn bitches about seal hunt protesters.

And all the while, inspired by Grover Norquist, the Cons are aiming at neutering the powers of the federal government.

Canada is definitely going to the dogs.


scout said...

that's an insult to dogs.

CC said...

I don't know ... I thought it was pretty doggone funny myself.

Bazz said...

I get the feeling that Day's date with Chertoff is going to make Mackay-Rice look like the good ol' days.

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