Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cons' piracy theory

It's Friday, it's late, so get out those tin-foil hats and let's have us a conspiracy party.
I'll supply the half-baked Emerson rumours if you bring the popcorn and beer for the kids.

Ok. Wading right in to things I know nothing about...
We've all heard the many reasons why the soft wood lumber settlement is just so much soft wood, but what I'm interested in tonight is why it also has this creepy air about it, this feeling of us having been Conned.

Last year Emerson torpedoed an almost identical soft wood lumber deal when he was with the Libs.
So why is this same deal suddenly acceptable to him now that he's scuttled across the floor to join the Cons?
And what was so important about Emerson that Harper risked blowing his whole credibility in getting Emerson to cross the floor?
How far back does their association really go? Given that Emerson was Deputy Minister of Finance under Bennett and then Deputy Premier to Bill Vanderzalm, I'm guessing further back than two days after the last election.
So the real question is : Was Emerson a mole for the Cons? Did he deliberately hold up the Lib's deal in order to hand it over to Harper? Certainly this "success" will help the Cons considerably towards their goal of a majority government next time.

And how much did Bush help all this along by also holding out till the more amenable Cons got in?

Two days ago the provinces were absolutely freaking about this deal in the papers. Very harsh words were spoken. Now they're all onside. What happened?
Is this sudden conversion because it was explained to them that they would be the ones collecting and keeping the tariffs if the price of lumber should go down?
Plus, Emerson's old buddies at Canfor are free to export raw logs of BC beetle wood to Asia.

Everyone still got their tin-foil hats on?
Because this is what deep integration is supposed to look like.
The laws separating our countries are being scuttled in order to benefit shareholders in industry and the politicians who go through the revolving job door from government to industry and back again.

Now I know I don't have the background or the contacts to turn this conspiracy theory into real research.
A conspiracy theory after all is just a theory not sufficiently supported by the facts.
I'm hoping that someone more qualified is out there looking for those facts.


RossK said...

Two words.....

Frank Luntz.

Anonymous said...

here's what I've heard - the cons are so ticked off that softy Blair Wilson bumped John Reynold's hand-picked boy they are going to slide Dave Emerson into our riding next election.

Alison said...

I tried, snicks, I really tried.
But then I got carried away trying Bush doing Harper doing the beaver, and now my hand refuses to finish it.

Slowgirl - Where softy Blair Wilson would kick his ass. Really.
Think all those previously Con West Van people up on the bluffs are pleased with him and his Five Ring Circus and his refusal to take their calls?

Anonymous said...

So according to your theory, Emerson always only represented the lumber companies, and he held back on resolving the deal to get Harper into power - possibly with Bush's blessing. Thereby netting the Cons and provinces a financial windfall and more insider political power for the Canfor, Wyerhauser et al.

Too many parties involved for this to be a good conspiracy theory. You're fishing here...

Alison said...

The only fishing I'm doing is for someone with a bigger boat to come up with the catch.

There are never too many parties involved if every one of them stands to benefit.
I'm saying this deal could have been tentatively in the works for years, just waiting for the right combination of players.

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