Monday, June 26, 2006

Leaves of three, let it be.

Premier Dalton McGuinty has replaced the traditional Ontario trillium logo with a new design.

Government Services Minister Gerry Phillips defended the change :

"The feeling was, we want to retain the trillium: Is there a way to modernize it a little bit?"

Speaking before the Bilderberg group earlier this month, McGuinty was quoted by an insider.

"He gave a stump speech on how great Ontario is and then (privately later) he said we're going to announce this week we're building new nukes," a source said.

As can be seen from the 2006 logo in this picture from the first link above:

an interim logo of poison ivy was chosen to help ease the transition between the two.


Alison said...

LOgo, Q.

scout said...

dolt mcquint would prob do something like that. ever notice how he looks like 900am's jamie west?

i think more nuke power would be great. we could all be guys and dolls singing 'candu, candu'. then the plant could have a spill, melt down, or something to make Love Canal potion #5.

think of the tourism industry.....niagra fall to the new love canal, a stop in ottawa to take snaps of red serged boys and girls.....squinty mcguinty's thought this one through more then you think

Anonymous said...

hehe. We like our nuclear power cause it costs the most so it has to be the best? Give us a place to stand and a place to glow and call this land Ontario. And yes, gay logos are the best.

Havril said...

With glowing hearts we see thee rise...

This is a symbol that speaks to all Canadians, not just Ontarians.

Get To The Shrink! said...

Check Canadian Cynic's page to see if he foretold of this. I'm sure he has it in his archives somewhere. Woof!

Alison said...

Shrink : If you don't like CC's blog, why don't you try just not reading it.

Scout : Niagra (sic), Viagra, Love Canal, Harper Valley. Sounds like you have the makings of a post there, Scout.

Havril : ..true Patriot love..

Q : As usual your argument doesn't have a lego to stand on.

scout said...

just think alison, i could create a whole new tourist map/campaign, sell it to the dolt and ontario chamberpot of commerce. what's your split on the profits for suggesting?

we can record havril singing the theme song....wait, maybe a whole cd including harper vally pta, and 'candu, candu, the dolt says uranium candu'. blog idea coming up. ya know, a person could devlop la grippe!

Annamarie said...

Scout, when you come up with the CD, be sure to let me know so that I can send out glowing reviews.... hehehe! :)

cheezwhiz said...

Myanium trumps uranium anyday.

BTW, with global warming (think coal-based power plants), the climate in Ontario actually promotes excessive posion ivy growth, so the new logo is not inappropriate :)

Love, from Ontario xo

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