Friday, June 23, 2006

A quiz and a poll

Last week Canadian Cynic introduced us to the very funny Harry Hutton of "Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry"

This week Harry takes exception to the quiz at Fark in which you try to determine whether a given statement was made by Hitler or Ann Coulter.

Harry :
"Another scurrilous attack on Adolf Hitler. Instead of trying to refute his arguments the left just call him a Nazi, and compare him to the fruitcake Coulter."

Harry suggests an alternative quiz here.
Brits are generally more diabolically funny than Canadians but we did pull off one bit of hilarity this week. According to Angus Reid, 33% of us would still like to see heterosexuality enshrined as the official sexuality of Canada.


scout said...

would the official sexuality of candians come with a flag?

in antithesis to 'the rainbow' flag i would suggest simple blue and pink stripes.

cheezwhiz said...

and 2% would enshrine homo. I prefer skim myself.

Havril said...

The Hitler/Coulter thing isn't surprising. But Hitler/Harris -- hilarous. And uncanny.

Hmmm. Those huge, expansive portraits Rolph does. Sorta reminds one of... Lebensraum?

Get To The Shrink! said...

CC is doing poorly at recognizing his own Nazi within. A few sessions on the couch and he will be able to see his inner Hitler/Harris conflict.

Alison said...


Get To The Shrink! said...


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