Monday, June 12, 2006

Morality Poll - Update

with, of course, another completely gratuitous sexually explicit Lego image from the Brick Testament.

Have a quick look at the poll results below ...go on, just read 'em, I'll wait... and yeah, there it is - 81% of respondents think pedophilia is immoral. So do the other 19% think it's just fine then? Well no, not exactly.

Although the poll results were reported by the CBC and Canadian Press yesterday, Leger Marketing only released the data and methodology on their website today. You can read it in pdf form here but here's the skinny. In a telephone survey of 1508 English or French speaking Canadians 18 years or older, respondents were given the choice of answering Yes, No, or Do Not Know/ Refusal.

From their questionnaire :

(As all the questions have that 1, 2, or 9 thing going, I'm guessing those were the numbers to be punched in on a telephone keypad)
So all we really know here is that 81% of the respondents willing to answer this question answered Yes/1.
And the other 19%? They comprised the category of those who either answered no, or didn't know what they thought, or didn't know what pedophilia was, or just plain refused to answer. And Leger doesn't break this category down for us.

You're eating dinner and the phone rings and someone asks if you're willing to answer a few questions.
There's no subscription to Readers Digest in it for you, but what the hell it's only eleven questions. The first question is whether you think contraception is immoral. Well sure, that's an easy one, but then the very next question is whether you think pedophelia is immoral, and you think - Whoa what the shit? where the hell is this going? I don't even know you - and you punch 9.

Just remember this when you hear this poll cited later, either in support or against any related position to do with any of those eleven questions. It was what 1508 people were willing to punch into a telephone keypad.


Dave said...

I would be that guy that would keep answering 3 until they stopped bothering me. Frankly the thing I consider extremly immoral is being bothered at home by pushy people with their damn surveys.

On further thought, I have to ask myself WHY this survey was created in the first place.

Alison said...

Dave : Yes, I wondered who commissioned it and why too but couldn't find out - although Can Press is listed as a regular client. And note they're all sex questions, nothing on stealing or killing or lying. One of those questions in there will be the one someone wanted data on.

Cheezwhiz : Good luck to you on it.
Glad you still have a little time left over to comment.

Saskboy said...

Look into Leger Marketing I think they did this morality poll.

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