Monday, June 05, 2006

Terrorist product placement



Anonymous said...

I was truly shocked and terrified by the photo of the Ikea bag full of flashlights, duct tape, walkie-talkies and a portable BBQ grill. I have to admit, though, that I was even more terrified by the reporting of the incident here in Canada and especially on the CBC. Nary a word about the RCMP conveniently delivering the fertilizer to the suspects. One has to suspect that these people may have been 'upsold' or given a volume discount.

I think we should all have a good supply of duct tape so that our government can conveniently shut us up when we complain that we are incrementally denied our freedoms with such "anti-terrorism" tools as the thoroughly anti-democratic Security Certificates and the surveillance techniques proudly announced by CISIS, the RCMP and other agencies. The flashlight would come in handy as the government continues to give us the mushroom treatment: they keep us in the dark and feed us fertilizer....

I go to the following for some rational reporting:

"Canada Arrests 17 in Large Anti-Terror Sweep
In Canada, 12 men and five youths have been rounded up in what has been described as one of the largest anti-terrorism operations ever undertaken in North America. More than 400 police officers took part in a series of raids on Saturday. The men have been accused of planning to carry out attacks in southern Ontario with bombs made from the fertilizer ammonium nitrate. It is unclear how much of the plot was actually a government sting operation. According to the Toronto Star, it was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police itself that delivered three tons of the potential bomb-making material to the group. Once the material was delivered, officials moved in and made the arrests."

Funny how CBC manages to consistently skip that last part! Shades of the days when the RCMP blew up a gas shed in northern Alberta, trying to implicate Webo Ludwig, the environmentalist trying to protect his family from the illnesses associated with large-scale gas flaring near his farm. According to the CBC, he was a "terrorist, too.

Peace, babies.

Anonymous said...

A mini flashlight can be menacing in the wrong hands.

Havril said...

An Ikea bag, huh? And to think we were worried. These guys would never have been able to construct the bomb. They'd always be missing one of those shelf thingies. And the right allen wrench.

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