Monday, June 12, 2006

A Morality Poll - illustrated edition

Robert at My Blahg posts a Leger Marketing poll on what behavior Canadians consider immoral.

Pedophilia : 81 % (men 78 %, women 84 %).
Extra-marital affairs : 74 % (men 68 %, women 81 %).
Prostitution : 68 % (men 59 %, women 76 %).
Alcohol abuse : 65 % (men 59 %, women 70 %).
Sex before age 16 : 65 % (men 61 %, women 68 %).

Pornographic films : 58 % (men 46 %, women 68 %).
Blasphemy : 51 % (men 45 %, women 57 %).
Abortion : 34 % (men 35 %, women 33 %).
Homosexuality : 31 % (men 37 %, women 26 %).
Divorce : 17 % (men 19 %, women 16 %).
Contraception : 8 % (men 9 %, women 8 %).

As Robert points out, blasphemy seems to be a bigger goddamn issue than either abortion or homosexuality. While pedophilia understandably tops the list of 81% surveyed, that remaiming 19% presumably think it is some kind of harmless foot fetish.

Illustrations from The Brick Testament.


Anonymous said...

Or perhaps 19% of people simply saw it as a big word they didn't understand....

Dave said...

Wow. I only really find the first few "immoral", although I hate that word almost as much as the word "wholesome". Both have been stolen by the christian right.

Seriously, why are there so many people who consider pedophila to be acceptable? I mean, 19% translates to 5.7 million people if it's accurate!

Aunty Bertha said...

I find myself even more concerned with the fact that only 78% of men surveyed consider paedophilia immoral. Only marginally better is the percentage of women who find it immoral.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I find those numbers really disturbing. How many abused children does that translate to?


Dave said...

I found the 19% more terrifying than a bunch of goofs with bags of fertilizer... then I calmed myself.

Some of those respondents would be ardent readers of "small dead animals" and the word would be outside their vocabularies.

Remember, to some people incest is another word for "bug".

Anonymous said...

I found the illustrated version much easier to follow. Gay lego men are the best.

RossK said...

Isn't it about time those folks that have a problem with contraception to start making a fuss about activist lego?

Alison said...

Where'd your damn blog go, you slacker? Scout was worried; I thought you were CSIS. sounds similar.

Don't worry - there's no way this is true and I only posted it because I thought it was ridiculous. The Daves, Anon and Snicks have it to rights.

Gaz: More than that - I notice the Cons are already using this poll to bolster their case re support for raising the minimum consent age.

Waterbaby: It'd be a pretty hard sell, much like when I wanted to do them a bunny crucifixion window for Easter.

Havril said...

I don't know about statistics or morality, but I know hot lego when I see it.

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