Friday, September 08, 2006

Steve and Sandra and Canada's New Governments

From a link at My Blahg.
Anyone else heard anything about Campbell cancelling the fall session?

The Gazetteer has a couple of ideas about it.


Anonymous said...

Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
Published: Wednesday, May 31, 2006
"The B.C. Liberals wrapped up the spring session of the legislature without promising to call the house back for its usual sitting in the fall."

RossK said...

Sean Holman had the rumour earlier in the week and there was a piece by Wil McMartin in the Tyee.


scout said...

i'l be seeing my bro-in-law tomorrow...he's the ndp mla for vancouver hastings. be interesting to get his take. will report back.
will also try phoning carole james this weekend, i'll like her perspective best.

RossK said...


In addition to asking about legislation etc, try whispering the following to Mr. S. and Ms. J. and see what happens.......'Basi/Virk'.

Alison said...

Thanks, all.
And to BC Mary for her tireless work on Basi/Virk

Anonymous said...

I saw this story in the G&M yesterday at

I commented on it that it probably had nothing to do with the coming prelims and trial, oh no, not with the "most open and accountable" (TM) government in the known universe.

The G&M online editorial review board committee staff supervisory panel in it's infinite servitude opted to refrain from allowing an examination of that particular can o'worms.

scout said...

family supper over. not much time to get in talk with 21 people over. reported to gaz's site the comments from mr. s. and ms. j. (some b.c. dippers will know these names):

ms. j. says ' who knows. maybe the libs don't know what to do with the ndp having gone from 3 to 33 seats, or they don't have any legislation to introduce because they can't think of anything'.

mr. s. on basi/virk 'i'll be watching that one, i can hardly wait and i hope, just hope they really get something on them. there's always the chance they won't come up with anything, but boy i hope!'

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