Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fishy business

Former Con MP John "I am not a lobbyist" Reynolds has added three more clients to his portfolio and finally registered himself as a lobbyist. Denying that he'd broken his promise not to become a lobbyist, Reynolds joined Lang Michener, a law firm whose clients lobby government, immediately after leaving the Cons early last year. He explained at the time that this didn't really count as lobbying because he'd promised not to lobby Steve.

His three new clients are all charities seeking federal funding, one of which is fronted by Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan.
Apparently Sam didn't know how to get hold of Steve and John said - hey just call his exec assistant! - and so Sam did, explains Reynolds.

The Accountability Act, proposed by the Cons to battle the revolving door between government and lobbyists and corporate interests, will be spinning full tilt come the next election as Reynolds returns to his previously held position as Harper's national campaign co-chair.

Disclosure : While we're on the subject of accountability, I feel I should mention that years ago I lived down the block from Reynolds' campaign headquarters and given that there was never anyone there for months on end, it seemed like a good idea at the time to put a dead fish through the letter box. This childish act of disrespectful vandalism has weighed on me strangely over the years and I would now like to take this opportunity to offer my most humble and heartfelt apologies to the cleaning staff.


Anonymous said...


West End Bob said...

True story, Alison?

You're a great role model!

Anonymous said...

He was just on As It Happens, stressing that he is not getting paid for his lobbying, etc. He was fairly crabby and defensive; annoyed by Liberals' comments; said something about Ralph Goodale.

This: "...the next election as Reynolds returns to his previously held position as Harper's national campaign co-chair." was not mentioned (that I recall). Are you sure of this?

The AIH clip should be on their website tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

By the way (that was me above): did you go back to see if flies were gathering there? Or maybe flies hang around Canada's decaying gnu government anyway.

Alison said...

WEB : Hi guys - got a date for us yet?

Holly : Am I sure?
No, I'm 'fishing'. Will be very surprised if he isn't the next campaign chair though - why else all this not-really-a-real-lobbyist-not-making-money business?
He's waiting.
Care to make a small wager?

And thanks for the AIH tip - will have a listen and post tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe reynolds would NOT do anything for money....'crooks and liars' must have this guy on the list.

love the fish story...repent alison, repent!

Anonymous said...

A lobbyist in the Privy Council?
This doesn't ring any alarm bells?

Lots of people that work don't take checks, just suitcases of small,unmarked bills.
Or these days is it a phone call to a bank in the Caymans to see if a certain deposit was made?

Secret Stevie is getting it done alright, to all of us.

And since the thread encompasses fish, I've got to tell you about my fishing trip last week Alison.
Wasn't too good, but it wasn't a total disaster.
I caught two mermaids and one smelt.
I'm awful, I know...

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