Monday, March 26, 2007

This week in Con accountability

Doesn't anyone just throw their hat into the ring and then spend months making vile accusations about their opponents in their own party anymore?

1) Police probe alleged Tory link to mayoralty offer

2) Judge overturns Tory nomination of MP Rob Anders

3) Former MP issues statement about Day accusations

Con accountability - you're soaking in it now.
Can we start banging on about "13 months of Conservative corruption" yet?


Anonymous said...

It turns out even the budget spending on cervical cancer vaccines has its seamy side

"...Even a seemingly benign feature in the budget -- a surprise $300 million for vaccine to prevent cervical cancer -- has provoked awkward questions. Ken Boessenkool, a Calgary-based consultant and former senior adviser to Harper, is a lobbyist for Merck Frosst Canada, the pharmaceutical giant that sells the only approved cervical cancer vaccine in Canada..."
Oh those lobbyists!

That link was posted by liberal catnip, talking about more Conservative misbehaviour.

Mike said...

"Can we start banging on about "13 months of Conservative corruption" yet?"

Given that and Holly's post, I'd say


West End Bob said...

Sounds like a plan ("banging") . . . Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Letter to Editor in G&M from Senator Joseph A. Day (no relation, I hope). He says the Senate tried to change a couple of provisions in the Accountability Act, but the government would not change them: one that would let the PM get secret reports from the ethics commissioner and keep the results secret, and one that ministers and senior officials need not report gifts from "friends" even if they might be seen to have influenced the exercise of public duties.

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