Saturday, March 03, 2007

Five Ring Circus Act

Michael Geist asks "Should the Vancouver Olympic Organizers Own the word "Winter"? "
Or, for that matter, the words Olympics, 2010, Vancouver, Whistler, Games, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Medal?

Yesterday Bill C-47 was tabled in the HoC to protect the 2010 Olympics from encroachment on their ownership of the above list of words and their logo, because, as they helpfully remind us on their site :

"Any unauthorized use of the Olympic Brand threatens VANOC's ability to establish a successful sponsorship program and raise funds necessary to host and stage the 2010 Winter Games....Any deficit [generated by the 2010 Olympics] will be the responsibility of the Province of British Columbia."

Yes, we do remember that part of the deal, thank you - we get to pay for turning patriotism into corporatism.

But wait! Does that mean I can be McLibelled for my various parodies of their logo? There was that business of them suing - unsuccessfully - Olympic Pizza, who had already owned that name for 15 years.

The bill specifically excludes "criticism of the Olympics" from liability, but Michael Geist is not sure that includes parodies. While we're waiting to see whether I get busted by Stockwell Day - yes, the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness will be responsible for enforcing the act - I would like to propose that the Olympic organizers add the following phrases to that list of trademark words they hope to own :

Boondoggle. Evictions. SROs. Homelessness. Union-busting. Cost over-runs.


Q said...

Absolutely... they should ...but won't. The old honesty thing always gets in the way.

I love your illegal lego logo... and not just for the alliteration.

Anonymous said...

Ah good - I was just starting to wonder if something had happened to you out in meatspace.
"Kickback" belongs on your list too, although I guess you're pushing it with this post already.
If you do get busted, Q and I will start up a lego collection on your behalf.

RossK said...

Is there any truth to the rumour that they are also seeking patent protection on that new fangled W-G technology known as 'snow'.

(and the illegal part of Alison's lego logo leviathan really alliterative?)


West End Bob said...

As one who was living in Atlanta during the '96 games I can't say I'm actually looking forward to being in Vancouver during the 2010 version. The crass commercialism was despicable to say the least . . . .

Now, about that lunch with you and possibly Gazetteer: Might I suggest Olympic Pizza on Denman?? :)

RossK said...

Excellent choice WEB!

And I believe it is approximately halfway, distance wise at least, between Bowen and my place of employment.


Alison said...

Ha! Great idea - I love it.

Declan and Dana and Laura, live around these parts too I believe, and I'm not sure who else.
How about if I put up a post closer to the date of WEB's arrival to see what day would suit whoever is interested? Maybe we can get a whole party of us lotus eaters together.

West End Bob said...

Alison, you picked out my two other favourite new blogs in BC - Great!

I get up there April 3 and leave May 2. Right now the only definite commitments I have are on April 12th and 14th.

Hope it works out for everyone . . . . Looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

I just read thru all of Mike Geist and the bloody bill, C-47

That idiot Bernier forgot to add; mountian, or as we prononce it, mou'n, or more simply, hill; snow (but it doesn't here much in feb. so it maybe it doesn't matter:) so rather, snow-maker. If they want to cover the word Vancouver until Dec.31 2010 why not BC too and lock us all up.

Alison said...

Georgine : Time to write a letter to the sponsors who pay VANOC to use those ™words and ask them about the PR advantages associated with locking up old ladies. Working on it...

Hey B-Boy, was that you I saw at the Free Betty protest this morning?

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