Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This week in celebrity Con bitchiness

Fabulously bitchy line from ex ConMP and now lobbyist John "I am not a lobbyist" Reynolds, in the ongoing police investigation into the alleged Ottawa mayoralty bribery case.
You know - did the millionnaire offer the bailiff a patronage job and $30,000 in cash in the parking lot behind Tim Horton's to drop out of the race?
Despite this being the apparently preferred Con method of attaining public office, sadly it is in fact against the law.

This week John Reynolds' name came up as an alleged facilitator to the alleged deal. Allegedly.
From Canadian Press, here's the bitchy bit :

John Reynolds : "Well, it's something in his own mind. I don't know him from Adam".

Terry Kilrea the bailiff : "Before I turned down the offer, (O'Brien) told me the Parole Board was a five-year appointment at $110,000 a year," Kilrea said in an interview.
"So, I mean, pretty tempting for a guy who's making 60 (thousand) go to a 110 for a five-year appointment - and cash, to boot, in the offer. It was a very, very tempting offer."

Reynolds maintains there's nothing sinister. He said he would be happy to put Kilrea's name forward, or any other person's, for a Parole Board appointment because not many people want the job.
"They're looking for people to go on parole boards," said Reynolds. "Most guys don't want the jobs. They don't pay that much."

Ooooooh. Man, there really is no defence quite like hauteur, is there?

More bitchy Ottawa celebrity Con news from - who else? - Ottawonk.


audacious said...

good commentary ..j

Q said...

Getting it done.

Hey, with 110 large a year I could afford to join the legos on Bowen, woohoo.
Any parolees in your neck of the woods?

Alison said...

Thanks, Aud. Yours always is.

Q : I'm pulling for you, Q.
If there's one thing I've always complained that Bowen is lacking, it's something like this.

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