Friday, March 16, 2007

Who says the Right isn't funny?

Lately, Canada Free Press has been running some pretty amusing articles lambasting anyone with the temerity to question Dr Tim Ball and his argument from diminishing authority.

Of course they're not as funny as that serious piece they did on dangers to the traditional papacy :
"Donning the mitre with "less pope-y duties" ,
without realizing that the article from which they so freely borrowed without giving any mention of the original author or article :
"Cocky Pope-Hopeful Ready To Make Some Changes Around the Vatican"
was from The Onion and was therefore - you know - satire.
That was pretty damn funny.

Other previous CFP hits include an expose about Harper throwing the 2004 election to the Libs, Michael Moore's imminent arrest for interfering in our electoral process and how the Jooos control immigrants and stuff.
So do give them a look this weekend as I'm afraid their so-called supporters on the right just don't seem to appreciate how genuinely funny CFP really is.


Dave said...

Now, now... be nice to Judi. She's an award winning journalist, y'know.

Anonymous said...

"argument from diminished authority"

I do believe you've discovered a whole new fallacy there, Alison.

Anonymous said...

I was about to thank you for the concept, too, Alison. I think we need to keep your original, "argument from diminishing authority". The slow swan dive of the influence of a pretender is a wonder of nature to savour.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the time she thought she was sharing emails with the real Mel Gibson.

Wikipedia used to have excellent bios about her and her "newspaper", but it seems her student writers have whittled the life out of the articles. :(

Anonymous said...

The Toronto District School Board lets students do journalism co-op placements at this online blog.

Student interns
Canada Free Press makes use of free labour from high school student interns in co-op programs to learn journalism.[19] Most are from Toronto District School Board's Humberside Collegiate and East York Collegiate [20] though some are from the Toronto Catholic School Board's Bishop Romero School. [21]

One person who had been interviewed for a student article subsequently criticized the quality of the writing and the accuracy of the reporting.[22]

Notes and sources
^ East York Collegiate story July 21, 2003
^ Getting lessons from our co-op students Canada Free Press - June 2001

Anonymous said...

This is a maliciously made falsity and should be removed.

how the Jooos control immigrants and stuff.

I fail to see the connection. Are you saying the CFP is anti-semitic? This looks to be a very vicious smear job. If so why does the Canada Free Press publish associate editor Arthur Weinreb? Hm? He is Jewish. You are guilty of an ad hominem attack and a libel. Just because they are right-wing does not make them a valid target for this kind of vicious slander. This is libel, and malicious at that about somebody you dont know and I guess will probably never meet. Frankly, this seems to be a hate-fest that has little to no impartiality. This looks like a poorly done smear job to me. It really is just unsubstantiated, baseless allegations done by a blog that has an obvious and virulent hate of Judi McLeod and Canada Free Press.

Alison said...

This is a maliciously made falsity and should be removed.

"how the Jooos control immigrants and stuff."

I fail to see the connection. Are you saying the CFP is anti-semitic?

Don't be tiresome, Anonymous #3.
Not every foolish thing written about Jews is anti-Semitic.
Sometimes what is written is just silly.

Here's the "connection", a link to the March 2006 Canada Free Press article:
The not-so Spanish media behind the immigrant protests

and here's the relevant quotes from that article :

"The Spanish-Language media has been tagged as chief organizer of the illegal immigrant protests, including the one where up to 500,000 placard-waving people flooded downtown Los Angeles on Saturday.
Protesters may have unwittingly taken their marching orders from countries like Canada and not Spain.

Telemundo Chicago is NBC which is GE.
GE’s biggest institutional shareholder is Barclays Global Investors’
Who owns Barclays Global investors?

Not King Juan Carlos.

The largest shareholder in Barclays PLC is Lazard Freres Asset Management.
Lazard Freres are Jewish. Alliance is ultimately run by Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments. Alliance is owned by AXA and Fisher is the biggest shareholder of AXA in the USA. So Swiss Jews, an Irish/Canadian manager, and a Califormia Jew run Lazard, Barclays, GE and NBC all the way up to the not-so Spanish media that is run by people that do not speak Espanola.

Missed by the mainline media is the identify of the forces who instigated, ordered then gave the explicit how-to instructions, which were followed to the letter by tens of thousands of protesters."

So there you have it, Anonymous.
A silly CFP article on "Jooos controlling immigrants and stuff"

Not "ad hominem" or "libel" or "slander" or "a hate-fest" or "a smear job" or "baseless unsubstantiated allegations".

Just their own words.

I await your apology.

Now I realize you were attempting to defend CFP from what you saw as a baseless charge of anti-Semitism (and I think we've dispensed with that now, haven't we?) but don't be flinging that word around every time something pisses you off. Anti-Semitism is serious business.

Alison said...

PS : doesn't actually work.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to post my thoughts sooner but couldn't figure out how to enable javascript. :o

To the anonymous Judi McLeod poster... I am completely flabberghasted. I don't know how to respond to your ilk but I must.

You must lead a very lonely, empty life to feel you must defend a "journalist" - like a knight in shining armour - who is beyond the pale.

There is nothing in the Alison's post that has been proven false or libellous, and in fact it is all well-sourced from the newsblog's own website. I get the feeling from watching this unfold over the past few days that in fact the only people who are taking issue with this post are those who have some vested interest in the CFP. The anonymous poster's arguments have nothing to do with libel; they have to do with attempting to curtail freedom of speech. I have noticed that the CFP isn't afraid to libel people. Ciro Vitolo, anybody? In fact, through their repeated harassment of local politicians and do-gooders - Cathy Crowe comes to mind - they are attempting to censor those who disagree with them or won't tolerate their antics. As so-called journalists, I would have expected them to know the difference between libel and freedom of speech. They apparently do not.

Perhaps somebody can explain to me why the fringe right wing never blame themselves for their own actions. Everything is always the work of the dastardly left-wing media, natch.

I'm reminded of the time Judy McLeod accused Toronto Star writer Antonia Zerbisias of perpetrating a hatchet attack against her. Oh really. Talk about shooting the messenger.

I remind everybody that the CFP is also the home of stalkerette Rachel Marsden, herself no stranger to controversy or the criminal courts.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous Judi McLeod poster

I meant to type To the anonymous Judi McLeod apologist.

Anonymous said...

For a great laugh check out these latests blatherings in the Judi-is-completely-bonkers saga. Apparently aliens might have the inside info to save us from global warming... and U.S. speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi might be involved!

I'm laughing so hard my sides friggin' hurt........ heheheheheheheheheheheheheh, ow!

For the record, Travolta never did a movie called "Murder at the Presidio".

Alison said...

Thanks, Anon. Brilliant!
See Really, really alternative Fuels

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