Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Cons - "Getting Things Dumber"

As the Cons shop their party logo onto Pierre Bourque's stock car in an effort to target that all-important NASCAR dad demographic, I'm thinking that the WWF dads (pronounced WOOF dads) are probably up next.
Faked pugnacious histrionics in a fixed fight - it's perfect.
Best line on the current foray into "Getting Things Dumb" came from Bourque himself who explained :
"NASCAR provides a "terrific medium" to spread the party brand as Canadians switch from traditional sources of information, such as newspapers and television, to reading logos painted on cars instead."
"It's a natural fit for them," he said of the Cons.
Referring to the other parties, Bourque, who also drives the Con message on his News Swatch website, mused, "I don't know why they didn't think of it first."
Why indeed.
Red Tory thinks it might have something to do with conjuring up an image of "making a lot of noise while going endlessly round in circles".


Anonymous said...

"Bourque's News Swatch"

Rev.Paperboy said...

Leave it to the Harper Tories to dedcide to spend money advertising in a sport that A)Is huge in the (red) United States and virtually ignored in Canada; and B)is comprised of fans that already probably support them in overwhelming numbers, if they vote at all. Aside from the occasional Autoworkers union member who votes NDP, I'm guessing (from a certain amount of experience) that there aren't a lot of Liberals and NDPers down at the stock car track, but an awful lot of Reform Party types.

Anonymous said...

WWE (pronounced "wee") ;P

WWF dads are into the World Wildlife Federation and they're much less fun to knock.

Anonymous said...

Five years behind the republicans, and half as effective, as usual. Thank goodness.

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