Monday, June 25, 2007

First of all I'd like to thank my cat...

Somewhere in between JJ at Unrepentant Old Hippie kindly nominating me in early May for a Thinking Blogger Award (oh noes, not anuzzer memes!) and Big City Lib tagging me for it again yesterday, just about everyone I regularly read over on my sidebar - thinking bloggers all - is now sporting that thoughtful baby alien on their own sidebars. Oh, a few have managed to keep their little heads down so far, salting their nominations away in the backs of their sock drawers, but I think I'm pretty safely off the hook here now as regards having to pass it on.

Of course not all forms of award are such an unqualified success....

"Iran has stepped up its protest over the knighthood awarded by Britain to Salman Rushdie... Britain denied that the award was intended to insult Islam."

Harry Hutton figures the award is an insult to Rushdie.

He points out that to the British, "knight" simply means "famous dickhead in his fifties" or "fat crook who donates to the Labour Party" [Ed. - Take that, Conrad Black!]
Therefore due to the British inclination to knight aging popstars - Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Jimmy Saville, Sir Elton John - the writer Salmon Rushdie winds up sharing knighthood with the guy who wrote:

"Everybody has a summer holiday.
Doin' things they always wanted to.
So we're goin' on a summer holiday
To make our dreams come true..."



Anonymous said...

i'd defintley say creekside deserves a thinking blogger award. personally, i'd be insulted if anyone ever thought i think....i think....HV is committed to keeping it shallow and fun (save for those darn old boring native sovereignty posts).

you go, girl!

Cathie from Canada said...

Congrats - your blog is one of the first I go to for good thinking.
PS - RossK is back!

Alison said...

Scout, then you'll be quite disappointed to learn that the truth is I wrote a long and admittedly sappy post last night linking to specific posts from you and Ross and Cathie and Pretty Shaved Ape and Cliff at Rusty Idols and - why stop at 5? -Liberal Catnip and Thwap and the Jurist and a couple of others I didn't see nominated...and blogger ate it.
Did it again from memory this morning and blogger ate it again.
Hence snarky replacement post.
I think my old pooter is done with multiple links posts.
Anyway, fool, JJ did nominate you back in May - follow the link - you just weren't in the damn country at the time. ;-)
And you know your sovereignty posts aren't boring, honey - I think most of us just don't know what we can possibly say in response.

Cathie, I know! I emailed you last night right after he posted.

Q said...

I forgot about that from last month, jj must think I'm a total snob or something...well I am, but a nice snob and I'm still missing last summer's book meme?
I suck.
Why do we always assume aliens are smarter? Just cause we're stupid?

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