Saturday, June 02, 2007

Steve and Sandra - Dressed to Kill

Just so we're clear here : Steve, who didn't serve in the military, went off on Dion for not serving in the military and Ignatieff for spending time in academia outside the country, because Dion called for the resignation of an incompetent Con cabinet minister who used to serve in the military.

"It's true I've never served in the armed forces," the PM admitted. "I consider that an experience in my life that I've missed. But I can say, Mr. Speaker, that I've always worked and lived and paid my taxes in my country."

As Tim put it in The Canadian President : It's really a right wing twofer for Harper. He gets to criticize people who have not served in the military (hypocritical prick that he is) and he gets to sneer at an academic. It's all good!

Got it? No? Just think of it as a more childish variation on "I know you are but what am I?"

Fixed : Oh, just about everything above. Bah!

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West End Bob said...

The term "chickenhawk" comes to mind . . . .

I love these politicians with no military service sending young people off to die for their country.

Military machine corporate profits do buy results, don't they?

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