Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Great Canadian Freep List

CBC has been hosting The Great Canadian Wish List
Here you can vote via Facebook for your very best wish for Canada.

Out of over 400 possibilities so far - world peace; an end to poverty and hunger; environmental responsibility; justice for First Nations - more or less the wishes you would expect, how do you think the voting is going so far?

According to F-email Fightback, here's the top four as of yesterday :
Abolish Abortion in Canada
I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice
For a spiritual revival in our nation
Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage
On Friday CBC noticed 1)a glitch in their software allowing for multiple voting, including over 900 votes for one wish in an hour, and 2) American IPs, resulting in their deletion.

Hence the following missive:
Dear readers,
Apologies for the error in the email note at the top of yesterday's news. Contrary to information we were previously given, the CBC Great Canadian Wish List contest is open only to Canadians. Foreign entries will be removed. However if you are Canadian and have not yet entered your vote in favour of the pro-life wish there is still time to do so. - LifeSite.

As Canadian Cynic says : Are we out of Cheetos again?

And if there's a sudden need to start submitting votes for wishes like "I wish Canada would remain anti-slavery" or "I wish Canada would continue to give women the vote", I'll let you know.
Silly freepers.


Dave said...

Between the Great Canadian Wish-List and the Seven Canadian Wonders (where a majority vote didn't count) I would hope the producers at CBC have gone to the smoking room to self-flagellate.

Q said...

How juvenile.

We all know what Canadians wish for, cold beer and sex.
(And possibly kittens)

RossK said...

Did Freepers walk with the dinosaurs too?


¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

"It is important that we win this competition".

Holy crap, is that pitiful.

q, those things on your list are good, but we also wish for a puppy. And sex. And, finally, a lot of Canadians would like sex.

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