Thursday, August 09, 2007

Arar Redux

There's nothing new in today's disclosures from Justice Dennis O'Connor's redacted Arar report except the naming of the complicit US agency - the CIA.

The Globe and Mail notes that up till now "Canadian agencies have borne the brunt of the blame for the scandal."

So fucking what?
It was still the RCMP and Project A-O Canada who knew the testimony fingering Arar was obtained by "extreme coercion" in Syria, who knew the US would probably send Arar to Syria to be tortured as well, who continued to use that testimony to smear Arar at home, who didn't want him back because it would embarrass both them and the US, and who ultimately rolled over for the CIA.

From the Globe&Mail :
"Ottawa officials fought to keep the information secret, frequently arguing that it did not want to compromise the goodwill of foreign allies who sent in intelligence from abroad."

The goodwill of foreign allies who sent in intelligence from abroad.
"The federal Attorney-General had tried to counter disclosure by repeating what has become a mantra: National security would be imperilled if Canada is forced to divulge state secrets – esspecially ones received from foreign agencies, or "third parties."

For "a mantra", read "standard ass-covering".
You know what the greatest threat to our national security is here, A-G?
Your willingness to keep secret the extent of Canadian intelligence agencies' eagerness to roll over for the CIA.

Ahmad Abou El Maati, the truck driver who fingered Arar under torture, is back in Canada and free again, having recanted his coerced confession and apologised to Arar.
Who else is still over there?

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Anonymous said...

The state secrets they were hiding here? That Canadian officials were committing criminal acts (both federal and international) on behalf a foreign country, trusting information from Syria, kidnapping, and who knows what else?. Yup, gotta keep all that secret. Kind of makes them look like...what's the word? the enemy?

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