Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SPP : "No SouPP for you!"

Remember back here when I told you the John Birch Society, a Swift Boater, and the Minutemen were holding a presser in Ottawa to announce their solidarity with the anti-SPP protesters? A rightwing Canadian blogger or two reacted by complaining that I obviously didn't think the Birchers were good enough to protest with the rest of us.

Turns out the Birchers don't think we're good enough to protest with them. From the JBS website :

"The decision to send out the riot police, some armed with tear gas, was made late this morning. As groups of protesters shouted slogans phalanxes of officers arrived and completely cordoned off the area of the Chateau" where the summit is being held, said the report.

Such rent-a-mob activity at the summit should not be confused with legitimate and principled opposition. Anarchist and communist mob violence of this sort, which has been on display at previous high-level meetings of heads of state, typically serves to discredit legitimate, peaceful protest and opposition. As such the John Birch Society condemns violent protest activity..." yada, yada, and yada.

So who are these "anarchist and communist" types who are bringing down the whole "legitimate and principled" tone that the John Birch Society is itself so world-renowned for? This "rent-a-mob" group who would "discredit the legitimate peaceful protest" Birchers strive so hard for?

Check out their embedded CSNews link : Canadian Communists March Against Bush.
***snerk***snigger***It's the Canadian Labour Congress.***snort***

No direct link to the Birchers from here - You can crank that particular ol' Google yourself.


JJ said...

The CLC! Those commie bastards.;)

Gawwwwd, these people are so stupid there needs to be a new word made up for them, "stupid" doesn't do them justice.

West End Bob said...

Aww, Alison - Go on, link to JBS.

What harm could come of it ?! ?!


RossK said...

Crazy, weird alleged 'provocateur' story developing.....

Details over at my place.


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