Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The SPP, UFOs, Hitler, and....whoa, nice rack!

"The SPP, is the very kind of organization that one could expect to be launched by an alleged greed-driven "Security Partnership" for the "prosperity" of Human elite minions and Manipulative Extraterrestrials that has been well documented by Dr. Salla and others, toward realizing Adolf Hitler's ambition for a New World Order."
~ The Canadian National Newspaper

And here I thought having the John Birch Society on our side would be problematic.


Anonymous said...

The punctuation and use of italic and bold is worth a blog post all on its own regardless of the content.
Disturbing lack of all caps though. Writer obviously not a true conspiracy theorist.

Anonymous said...

I think Canadian women are afraid to compete with their more feminine Mexican and American counterparts. Indeed, there exists a "femininity deficit" in Canada so deep, so vast, that only SPP can save us. It will be even better when Costa Rica and Colombia join, eh?

Anonymous said...

Look, Backlash, we all felt real sorry for you last time you showed up here but don't push your luck.
I hate to break it to you, buddy, but a picture of a beautiful woman's chest with the words "Make a Donation" under it is not sex.

Anonymous said...

Alison has a history of smearing illegal immigration opponents as angry white men afraid to compete with Mexican men for women so it's only fair to play back at her in kind.

Canadian women are so loathesome that the government is seriously considering making them a huge tax writeoff in the form of "income splitting". It's an admission that women are such value-subtracting life wreckers that the government needs to heavily subsidize marrying a woman to make women anywhere near worthwhile.

Look at yourselves! You are hideous!

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