Saturday, August 11, 2007

Meet the old boss, same as the new boss

The new head of the RCMP was possibly one of the officials responsible for blacking out portions of the Arar report.
Yeah, well, Stockwell Day was his boss then and he's his boss now.

The G&M reports this bizarre analogy from a security official by way of explanation :

"Some security officials says there is no great mystery as to why such references were blacked out: Foreign intelligence is not viewed as fundamentally different from any other borrowed good or service. For that reason, Canada is wary of passing along secrets it gets from other sources, or even pointing to those sources."

“If you borrow your neighbour's pickup truck to haul a load to the dump, you don't give the keys to the kids to go for a Slurpee at the 7-Eleven,” said one official who declined to be identified. “Intellectually, it's not a difficult concept to grasp.”

Excuse me? You were the one driving the damn truck:

New York Times: Deported Canadian Was No Threat, Report Shows :

"Several months before Mr. Arar arrived in New York, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police gave a PowerPoint presentation to the F.B.I. about Canadian terrorism that mentioned Mr. Arar three times, along with other people they believed might be engaged in terrorist activities. While the American agency asked for a copy of the slides and background material, the newly released information shows that the Canadian police “were not successful in convincing the F.B.I. to institute a criminal investigation.”

CBC : RCMP shared intelligence with Syria, Arar inquiry told :

"RCMP Supt. Mike Cabana who headed up the investigation in the Ottawa area said Canadian officials were concerned Arar was being abused early in his captivity in Syria, but they exchanged intelligence anyway."

In fact, RCMP, you did one worse : after giving the kids the keys to the truck knowing they would wreck it, you told them you didn't want it back to save yourself from embarrassment.
And as of today, even after Justice O'Connor's inquiry has brought all of this to light, you're still lying to us about it.


RossK said...

And another thing....

Before you even get to drive the darned truck, shouldn't you have to demonstrate that you actually know how to drive the thing?



West End Bob said...


Please tread lightly and wear a disguise as you pass the RCMP office there on Bowen.

My cake-baking skills with files in them are a bit rusty . . . .

Alison said...

Good point, Ross. a defensive driving class wouldn't hurt either.

WEB : LOL - I read it "cake-baking with flies in them".

Mes Amis said...

And beating the truck metaphor into total submission...

They gave them the keys, told them it was a canoe and let them drive it off the end of the dock.
It was some passers-by that raised the alarm and got things straightened out a year later.

Incompetence, bigotry or brain-dead abuse of power, take your pick.
Then, when it comes to CYA, these guys use Saran Wrap.

Look at all those pretty pink balloons against the glass mommy!
Eww, better unthink that last one.

Anonymous said...

The only thing they are mounting these days are FBI dicks.

RossK said...

For the record, mes amis' extension of the metaphor was far superior to mine.

As for the flies, well, we're having' a heckuv time keeping the Drosophila Melanogaster out of the lab lunchroom these days.....

Alison said...

Ross : Well it was posterior to yours in the end at any rate.
You guys work all summer?
I slept on the floor of the room where the fruitflies are stored once - felt like the opening scene of a sci-fi movie.

Mes Amis : Told them it was a canoe!

Ricky : The gnu Musical Ride

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