Wednesday, October 01, 2008

And now, a couple of words from The Economist


Anonymous said...

Hey, I know those words. And I have been known to declare such opinions.

Gosh. Who knew? I must be an economist too.

Paul said...

Is this cover real?

Anonymous said...

hahaha! good one alison. coming at ya from beautiful chilliwack....a brief bit of hotspotting while i await a mohawk and musqueam sisters who are chasing me down to give me something as i now head to the tsu t'ina reserve then south to mexico. i know, you hate me.

it's the yucatan, isla mujeres, then up and across to l.a. and fly to hawaii. at least , that's the never know where the wind will blow :D

see ya chica, i'll check in now and then....and YES , emails appreciated, it does get lonley on the road.

Alison said...

dBO : We are all economists now!

Paul, no, it certainly isn't.
What's funny about this cover is that I very much doubt that "fuck" has ever appeared inside the Economist, let alone on the cover.
Not sure if Netzkobald did it or found it.

Scout : Chilliwack! I thought you were still in Manitoba!
Say, kiddo, could you e me so I have your address? Lost all my old e addies in last pooter meltdown.
Yes, hates, hates, hates. ;-)
Only gypsies are rich enough to live the way you do. Kamaha`o!Kupaianaha!`Oia. You go, girl.

janfromthebruce said...

Who would have known that - priceless.

Paul said...

Oh wow. Slow on the uptake. Thanks for the clarification.

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