Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jesus Christ : The Lost Years

Went to see this very very funny live show tonight.

Jesus as a teenager searching for his real dad : Elvis was helpful, Luke Skywalker and the Three Wise Men - not so much.

Witty, fast-paced, and quite definitely irreverent, a wonderful piece of physical comedy with all the parts created and performed by just two actors : Katherine Sanders and Ryan Gladstone.

Thanks, guys, for a really great time.

Playing in Vancouver this week Tuesday to Friday at 8pm at ChapelArts, 304 Dunlevy.

More info at Here Be Monsters.


West End Bob said...

Girlfriend, did you have accompaniment in your journey to the theatre? Hope so . . . .

Alison said...

Oh, about a hundred people or so! because Monster Theatre (all two of them) came here and performed in the gallery. One of the wittiest shows I've ever seen. Really, Bob, you must try to get in this week.

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