Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama win a 'danger' to Canada, Cellucci says

in the Canwest headline (bold - mine) :
"A Barack Obama presidency would present a "danger" to Canada because he could renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, imperiling the future economic integration of the continent, former U.S. ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci said yesterday."

Such remarks pass into the public record of our two big media conglomerates, CTV/G&M and AsperNation, without comment.

Cellucci was up in Canada to address the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute conference : "What Does it Mean to Be Good Neighbours?" See yesterday's post


West End Bob said...

Speaking of AsperNation, loved Marc Edge's "Why Did I Buy CanWest Stock?" piece last week . . . .

skdadl said...

I just referred the world to you over at our place, Alison.

As usual, you were AHEAD of me ... ;-)

Chris said...

Heh heh...Celucci on being good neighbours.

Can't you wait for April 1 to post these things?

Alison said...

Bob : RossK links to another very good post on corporate media crap by Donald Gutstein, also at The Tyee.

Skdadl : And as usual you were BETTER ;-)

Chris : I give Cellucci credit for consistently backing Roe v. Wade against the objections of his base when it could have hurt him.
That said, yeah, wow, tendentious much? Love these conference titles.
When are they gonna get around to "No fences make good profits"?

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