Thursday, October 16, 2008

Green Party guy endorses Gordo ; Gordo endorses Harper

G&M : Campbell urges support for Harper government
Blaming Quebec separatists for election results, Premier says it's time to work together

"The Liberal Premier of British Columbia blames Quebec separatists for the country's third minority government in a row.
"Everyone should understand that the only thing that prohibited Mr. Harper from getting the majority he was seeking was the separatists in Quebec," Gordon Campbell said yesterday"

Can I get a lolcat to go with that, please?
We have all already given our collective thanks to the Bloc, Gordo.
"He added that Mr. Harper is clearly the man most Canadians want as prime minister."
Yo! Gordo! Steve won less of the popular vote than last time!
But I can see where you might be hoping to hitch your little rightwing wagon to Steve's in time for your election campaign next year.

In other fabulous cross-party wankfests:
"The former Interim Leader of the BC Green Party endorsed Premier Gordon Campbell’s leadership and joined the BC Liberal Party team today."
"Over the past year I’ve been impressed with Premier Campbell’s leadership," said Christopher Ian Bennett. "It was time for me to move over and be part of a party that was making a difference and truly leading Canada blah blah blah..."
For his part, Gordo said he "respected [Bennett's] ability regardless of party label to stand up for what was right for British Columbia blah blah blah..."
Previously, Bennett was Elizabeth May's communications director in her successful bid for GP leadership.

Ok, are we done with this nonsense of referring to all Greens as "left wing" now?


Chrystal Ocean said...

Re "Green Party guy endorses Gordo," to be fair Bennett is a former Interim Leader of the BC Greens. He served in the period between Adriane Carr's move to the federal party and Jane Sterk's win as Leader of the provincial Greens.

I recall that the BC Greens were none too happy with Bennett and they couldn't wait to see him replaced.

Anonymous said...

Most Greens are just Cons who have woken up to the fact that wrecking the planet is bad for business.


Alison said...

Chrystal, I did quote "former" but just not in the title. Your objection noted - I included "former" in the post title at the Beav.
Wonderboy's a real piece of work, isn't he? I loved it when he explained he wasn't an environmentalist and his commenters agreed.

Dan, I have considerable sympathy for the Green notion of politics being vertical as opposed to left/right, but yes, on a left/right social justice spectrum, too many of them fall too far to the right for me.

Anonymous said...

Good post. The Greens are more libertarian than any party in Canada. That means they are likely to appeal too the Conservative set more than any other set of voters.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of the meaninglessness of party "brands".

Lib the one day, Green another, Con the next.

Somebody should erect the ultimate "big tent" and aptly call it
"The Opportunist Party".

Gordo is a fucking monster.

The official Green platform in the past election was quite agreeable but I cannot help the nagging suspicion that eats away at my skull where the Green Party is concerned.

Oh and BTW thanks for the diligently insightful and entertaining Election coverage.
Creekside is a must-read whenever I get on the line in these slim and cagey days.

The line about Steve trying to "unshit" the bed on Afghanistan sent coffee out of my nose.

Anonymous said...

While in university, I had a room mate who is now reasonably prominent in the BC Green party.

He supported Gordon Wilson before he went Liberal provincially, but Reform federally. Over the last ten years he has begun moving leftwards, but I wouldn't call him a leftie by any stretch. The environment takes precedence over social justice for him, he's open to parallel public/private health care systems, thinks P3s are great, yadda yadda. But he listens more now than he did as a Reformer.

All the same, he still thinks that social democrats have no future.

Alison said...

Ricky : And yet apart from possibly Lizzie May, they don't seem to attract many left-libertarian candidates, do they?

YF : Thank you, tah muchly. I also liked their platform very much and also had that nagging feeling. Maybe because some of the GP candidate's websites are so reactionary. A couple have even come out as "conservatives who care about the environment", presumably meaning Tory, not Con.

Wondering : I know some too. Environment over social justice makes sense to me as a platform - no sj or anything else is possible without e obviously - but I dislike their too often pro-US stance.

West End Bob said...

Addendum to the post title, Alison:

Bill Clinton endorses gordo.

Seems Billary loves him some carbon taxing . . . .

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