Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Time To Go Right Off the Deep

Many ReformaCons are so incensed that the coalition has "formed a devil's pact" with the "seperatist"(sic) Bloc, a party they repeatedly accuse of wanting to "break up Canada", that some of them feel they have no other choice but to launch "a new business and taxpayer organization" to encourage BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to "leave confederation".

Dear Mr. Gregson, Chair of the Western Business and Taxpayers Association, Convention Chair of It's Time To Go! and former "club scout leader" :
I see you have chosen the Con symbol munching down on a stetson for your flag. Good call.


Anonymous said...

The flag is the official flag of the City of Calgary.

Niles said...

I remember when that flag was first unfurled to the public and the deep offense I felt as a fan of heraldic design, but it was the result of a design contest from the public as I recall and really, it's only ever been intended and important as a tourism booster symbol for the city.

The fact this bunch of rutabaga-rebs can fly that flag while blithering on about Calgary being the 'new capitol' of the alleged free-soaring nation *they* are so capable of leading (that's always part of the package innit...*them* in charge) just proves they're breathing helium like the gasbags they are.

That said, I work in oil and gas and have been subjected to intensely 'wounded' umbrage from young, white, *very* entitled males muttering darkly in the elevator about how Alberta can't secede fast enough. As if they personally were suffering somehow. Not. They get *very* defensive when asked to explain themselves. They'd rather pontificate in broad hand-waving creels of accusation.

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