Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poll : Do you think the war in Afghanistan is winnable?

Poll in yesterday's Toronto Star - One vote per IP (yes, I checked!)
h/t CanNurse in comments below - Thank you.

Map of Taliban presence in Afghanistan
from The International Council on Security and Development :

Data detailing the presence of the Taliban in Afghanistan was gathered from daily insurgent activity reports between January and September 2009. ICOS believes that the level of incidents recorded by this methodology is conservative.

Permanent presence: defined by provinces that average one (or more) insurgent attack (lethal and non-lethal) per week.
Substantial presence: an average one or more insurgent attacks per month and include residents who believe Taliban are active locally (based on frequency of Taliban sightings).
Light presence: defined by less than one insurgent attack per month and local residents don’t believe Taliban is active locally


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