Thursday, September 24, 2009

Preserve those precious moments ...

... between when the safety catch comes off and your victim drops screaming to the ground twirling in circles like a giant bug.
Or just stick your pinkie over the lens.
The choice is yours ... with TASER CAM™ :

"Taser International's site says the video recording "is an invaluable tool in protecting officers from baseless complaints regarding professionalism and courtesy."
I'm thinking 'baseless complaints regarding courtesy' will not be much of a problem after that safety catch comes off, but the 'excited delirium' photo greeting card possibilities are endless.
h/t West End Bob by e.


West End Bob said...

Please, please, please send me one of the photo greeting cards.

Should make good TASER™ target practice . . . .

PS: Why doesn't the CBC have to use the TASER™ nomenclature like you, I wonder ? ? ? ?

chris said...

Related, what Digby said:

39 dead. I feel so much safer.

Alison said...

Wow. Indeed, Chris.
What Digby said after noting a half-paralyzed 81 year old man was hit with a TASER™ 3 times by police:
Over time Americans will learn that in order to maintain their liberty, they must instantly comply with everything those in authority tell them to do. The police will follow the edicts of their civilian leaders, who sanction torture on many different levels "to keep the people safe." The population will learn eventually that they will automatically be shocked with electricity if they fail to comply and over time they will be conditioned to fall in line regardless of their constitutional right to speak or resist unwarranted intrusion. And then we will truly be free.

Bob : Well, I got a c&d letter and I guess they didn't.

wv= "goolitom" - ghoul automatom

Zee said...

What can be done with cell phones - can do with Tasers too - the movie made from 10-second clips spliced together into feature length panicvision.

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