Thursday, September 10, 2009

The two-tier Tories

First there was Harper's support for two-tier health care.
Then there was the two-tier torture awareness program , and his more recent enthusiasm for two-tier Canadian citizenship.
And now? A two-tier cap-and-trade climate policy :

New climate plan would favour oil sands

"Ottawa is eyeing a climate change plan that would allow Alberta's oil sands to continue growing – and polluting – but would clamp down on industries in the rest of the country, multiple sources have told the Toronto Star.

Conservatives intend to put a cap on the emissions from Ontario's manufacturing sector and other polluting industries across Canada, while letting oil and gas companies meet less stringent intensity targets which allow output, and pollution, to increase."

Because, what the hay - we're only 30% over our 2012 targets at the moment.
Somehow these guys never venture too far off the front porch of their firewall letter.

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Oemissions said...

Tear jerking!
But still, too many Canadians will vote for Harper and Company,Inc.

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