Friday, October 02, 2009

Behold a Pale horserace

Pale spells out the possible dangers of a Con majority.

Thankfully it seems Canadians don't want Harper to have one.

They don't seem to want an election before 2013 either :

Harris Decima also polled on public support for the various positions of the opposition leaders on confidence votes :

Duceppe : Will support the budget measure because it contained a tax credit for home; after that -all bets are off

Layton : Will support keeping government in power till new EI money starts flowing.

Ignatieff : Will no longer support any government measures.

"Nationally, Jack Layton’s position is the most popular, supported by almost 3-in-4 Canadians.
This position has broad appeal nationwide with no less than 66% in any region indicating they support his position on the matter. Among New Democrats, 81% are supportive of this position, while 13% are opposed. The position of the NDP leader is also supported by 70% of Liberals and 78% of Conservatives."


Other horserace results :

Angus Reid (September 29-30, n = 1000 online)

CPC 37% ... Lib 27% ... NDP 17% ... BQ 11% ... Green 6%

Ekos (September 23-29, n = 3216 auto dialed)

CPC 36.0% ... Lib 29.7% ... NDP 13.9% ... BQ 9.8% ... Green 10.5%

Ipsos Reid (September 22-24, n = 1001 phone)

CPC 37% ... Lib 30% ... NDP 14% ... BQ 9% ... Green 9%

Leger (September 22-25, n = 3602 phone)

CPC 36% ... Lib 30% ... NDP 17% ... BQ 8% ... Green 8%

Plus ├ža change ...



McJ said...

Totally OT here Allison but did you catch Harper's "Canada is the envy of the world" comments after the G20 summit.


Alison said...

The one where he announced that Canada is the envy of the world due to having suppressed any knowledge of its history of colonialism? Yeah. That Steve - such a kidder.

McJ said...

Lol, that would be the one.

What a doofus.
His new slogan for us:

"Canada - big enough to make some difference, too little to be a threat."

It just brings tears to one's eyes.

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