Friday, November 27, 2009

How's that CBC poll on Colvin's credibility doing?

Hmmm ... 94% to 6% in favour of Colvin's testimony on an unfreepable one-vote-per-IP poll.
Ok, just checking.
I was wondering how that parade of generals appearing before the Afghan parliamentary committee was going over.
Everyone impressed the generals had access to Richard Colvin's reports but the committee members doing the investigation are denied the same access?
Hell, it's just one more Con puppet-head show now.
Watch Peter MacKay's one minute smirking response about it here :


Oemissions said...

I can't help remembering the reports in September about our military knowing since 2007 about the sexual abuse of Afghanistan boys on Canadian bases.
Ottawa Citizen was first to report.
This was torture too!

Alison said...

Yes it was, O.
Also the hundreds of documents from the Canadian military police investigations in Afghanistan, dating back to 2006.
Where are they?
Oh yeah, Harper refuses to give them up to Tinsley's Military Police Complaints Commission.

Tinsley has said he has not received a single page since may 2008. Why is that do you suppose?

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