Monday, March 12, 2007

Snark hunting

Last week the German minister of agriculture said he would introduce a bill in German Parliament to ban the import of all seal products from Canada.
In retaliation, Newfoundland MP Scott Simms has proposed a motion to ban the import of German boar and venison into Canada.
Dave up at Dave's Snarky Northern Canadian Blog harbours some doubts as to the likely effectiveness of the Canadian counter-ban measures and asks :

Is German boar/deer in any of the following products? :
BMW Z4 Roadster?


Dave said...

That is frankly, the extent of my knowledge of German exports. If I was feeling more snarky, I would have added Leiderhosen and goosestepping troops. *sigh*. Lost opportunities to make bad jokes.

West End Bob said...

But you recovered well in the comments section, Dave . . . .

Anonymous said...

Dave : Nah- it's funnier to read that we are only sacrificing boars/deer and that car imports will not be affected.
Good one.

Dave said...

Comments are where I shine in bad jokes.

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