Sunday, June 24, 2007

SoCon and busted

From SoCon or Bust, the blog of John Pacheco, Catholic, homophobe and fetus fetishist, Family Coalition Party candidate and then independent candidate in the last federal election :

Belinda Stronach Has Breast Cancer

Please pray for Belinda.

We must still admit that for women taking oral contraceptives and having abortions, there is an increase in the risk of breast cancer. Check it out here. Keep scrolling down for the ABC link.
Posted by John Pacheco at 6/23/2007 07:11:00 AM
Labels: LifeStyle Choices

You utter worm.
You use the announcement of Stronach's breast cancer as an excuse to resurrect the utterly discredited link between abortion and breast cancer as promulgated by born-again anti-abortion British nutbar Dr.Joel Brind and his more recent American converts.

And by utterly discredited, John, I mean utterly discredited by the National Cancer Institute in the United States, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (and their U.S. counterparts), the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Breast Cancer Network as being entirely without merit.

"Label : LifeStyle Choices." What the fuck would you know of Stronach's personal history?

But that doesn't really matter, does it John, because your real message here is "It's your own fault, bitches."

JJ has a screen shot from Freeper Dominion of a strikingly similar but even more disgusting post from someone called "Paycheck".

Your imaginary sky monster must be just beaming with pride.

Unrepentant Old Hippie link from Skdadl via Bread and Roses

UPDATE : In comments Niles suggests it would be a nice gesture of support to Belinda to go to her website Spread the Net and make a donation/sponsorship to acquire UNICEF malaria nets for kids in Africa. They currently have 65,000 nets and are aimimg for 500,000. Each net is $10 and can protect 2 to 5 sleeping kids for up to 5 years. According to her site, an African child dies of malaria every 30 seconds.


JJ said...

Hot damn! Nice towel-snap, Alison!

But you know what, even though it's an out-and-out lie, they'll keep saying it over and over again, no matter how much we show it's discredited bullshit. They so want it to be true.

Q said...

I went to his site.
What an asshole. And he thinks he's funny and clever.
Christians are always the most unChristian.

Anonymous said...

You go, girl.

What an asshole indeed, Q.

Anonymous said...

"Fetus fetishist", I love that expression (new to me!)

Would-be body handlers are such a dangerous bore, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Would it be a nice gesture of support to Belinda to go to her website about the push to acquire UNICEF malaria nets for kids in Africa and make a donation/sponsorship? I know she and Rick Mercer were pushing for a certain number they were well short of reaching thus far. I think there's a link on Rick Mercer's site.

Alison said...

Niles, you are an absolute prince!
I'll find the link and post it.

JJ, ain't it the truth - on this and many other issues. As I get older I realize that progress is often merely a matter of keeping certain things afloat.

Q, Jan, ;-)

Kenn, hoping you had yourself a proud time this weekend!
"Fetus fetishist" is an expression Gore Vidal has used for years. I don't know for sure that he invented it but it sure sounds like him, doesn't it?. He used to use it in dinner speeches on the Washington poli circuit!

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