Saturday, August 18, 2007

SPP : Swapping Peace for Profits

Thomas d'Aquino is head of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, widely credited for having written the SPP, and Canadian secretariat chair of the North American Competitiveness Council, the only outsider group represented at the Montebello summit.
He can't figure why we're all so upset about the SPP.
It's about "expanding border crossings and information-sharing programs on plant and animal safety," he says. [Ed : Something about people safety would have been better here, Tom]
Tom then issues us with a challenge to prove his point.
Referring to the NACC report following the February summit, he says, "If I give it to you to read at 11, I guarantee you'll be asleep by 11:10."
Well it's just coming up on 11pm now as it happens, so what say we trot on over to the home of that NACC report at the CCCE website and give it a try.
Here we go : Private-Sector Priorities for the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America(SPP)
See, right away, Tom - Private-Sector Priorities. We didn't vote for the guys who wrote this.
But you're right - it is a serious snore. Only 11:07 - a few minutes left.
Mind if I have a quick look around CCCE while I'm here?
April 28, 2006 "Lumber Deal Welcome; Demonstrates New Focus on Boosting North American Competitiveness"
Again, Tom, what we wanted was a softwood lumber deal that was good for Canada, not for North American business.
Now this looks interesting :
Feb 21, 2006 From Bronze to Gold : Repair the Canada-US relationship :
"As our Council made clear in launching our North American Security and Prosperity Initiative in 2003, it is in Canada’s fundamental interest to pursue bilateral and trilateral agreements that will keep our border with the United States as open as possible, and this requires hard work on issues related to security ...
In this context, we would restate our view that it is in Canada’s interest to participate in the ballistic missile defence program."
Time's up. Taxi!


Q said...

You know how to have fun on a Saturday night!

I guess missile defense will protect our plants and animals from Islamofascists and since they don't have any missiles aimed over here anyway... another success for the right!

The public north and south is getting quite a view of 'CEO' led standards that are behind the scenes in collapsing mines and food and product safety in the U.S. right now and it's all being tied slowly by the media to this same 'outside of public control corporate greed' wanting to run everything ...hope you didn't have any nightmares :)

Keep up the great work.

RossK said...

The NACC is an "outside" group?

Well, that would be kind of like saying that the incoming sewer pipe is "outside" the treatment plant.

Nice one Alison.


Dave said...

Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

The SPP has a PSP chapter?

What's next, a PPS?

Leaving out any obvious swears, how about the apparent Putting People Second?

Good work Alison and don't forget to put in for double time and a half for working Saturday night. ;)

West End Bob said...

Good job, Alison!

And were there any details enumerated as to how Canada will benefit from ballistic missile defence participation other than lining corporate coffers?

Nah, didn't think so . . . .

Anonymous said...

What's next, a PPS?

Plutocracy Promotes Stealth

D'Aquino was on CBC tonight saying he didn't think we should look on SPP as a conspiracy.
Yes, Tom, we know you don't want us to think of it that way.

Killer post.

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