Monday, October 15, 2007

Cons still tanking in BC

I'm always annoyed by those polls whose idea of a geographic breakdown goes Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, sometimes Sask, the West.
So thank you, Angus Reid, for your Oct.9 poll listing BC separately and allowing us to indulge in the following smuggery :
  • Cons deserve a House of Commons majority - 12%
  • Cons deserve to stay in office with a minority - 19%
  • Dump their sorry asses - 44%
Of course there's still this ever-popular BC category :
  • Even though I volunteered to participate in this online poll knowing it was about politics, I still have no clue which of the above three categories best describes my own point of view - 25%

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Anonymous said...

ABC campaigns are popping up everywhere from coast to coast so it is hard to understand exactly where all the neo con confidence is coming from. This one on the island just popped up last week...

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