Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Speech from the Throne : Flush!

and don't forget to wash your hands afterwards.
Hard to see how the Libs can get too high-horsey about a lot of this.
Here are the parts they could, and in the past did, write themselves :
Stay in Afghanistan till 2011 - check
Corporate tax breaks - check
Arctic sovereignty - check
Crime bill package - well, a good deal of it - check
We're not gonna meet our Kyoto targets - duh.
Plus some vaguaries on the safety of the family and addressing aboriginal needs.
But there's still more than enough reason to call for an election:
The War on Drugs - Go Ronald Reagan!
More TILMAs to undermine government powers and promote SPP.
Limit use of federal spending power in areas of provincial jurisdiction - see objection above
Yeah for the universal child noncare plan!
Supporting farmers by undermining marketing boards
Promotion of bio-fuels scam.
Limit terms of members of the senate - not 'our' people
More police on the street. Go, War on Terror!
Reinstate the security certificate system for locking up foreigners who have the misfortune to appear on terrorist lists likely not compiled by Canada.
And not putting the damned seat back down afterwards.


Anonymous said...

Great pic! And an even better list.

Remarkable load of shit after all that posturing!

The country really has gone down the drain and this speech proves that petty politics trumps substantial progress.

Anonymous said...

linked ya on this one, alison....point form crime. well done.

Alison said...

Thankee kindly, Scout, coming to look....

Welcome, Shunster. Interesting ABC site you have there. I do have a couple of problems with it. Would you like to contact me before I write about them?

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