Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Malalai Joya to speak at Vancouver rally

Bring the Troops Home Now
Pan-Canadian Day of Action
Against War:
October 27
In Vancouver :
Gather at Waterfront Station
12 Noon for Rally at 2pm
at the Vancouver Art Gallery
Featured speakers will include Malalai Joya.

In Victoria the rally will be held at 1pm Oct 28 at the Cenotaph
Malalai Joya will speak there too.

For other cities : more event listings


Anonymous said...

Here we are nearly two years into a Conservative government. Unlike the Liberals, the CPC has not invaded a Muslim country, nor signed up for combat missions, nor handed Canadian citizens like Maher Arar over to the Americans for extraordinary rendition.

All of the above happened under the Liberals, and yet here you are still hating on the Conservatives.

Maybe you are a closet war monger who wants the Liberals in power so you can invade Muslim countries and torture people while pretending to be all righteous and stuff? Seems a more logical conclusion than you actually believing the CPC, the highest immigration and social spending federal government of all time, are the bad guys.

Why not rise several standard deviations above the mean and acknowledge you were wrong about Harper, you are wrong about Harper, and you will continue to be wrong about Harper as long as you continue with your deprecated and debased narrative?

Remember, The Backlash.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy Allison's gold standard narratives and feel no need to deprecate them. The only mean here is the spirit of the troll, emulating the spiteful nature of its false idol Harper.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.
It's about time things get more vocal to demonstrate the dissatisfaction that many Canadians feel towards supporting this lost cause.

What's the next move for creepy crawly Harpie?
Will he be bringing Blackwater in to be his Praetorian Guard?

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