Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scotty, we need more power!

Financial Post : "Jim Prentice, the federal Industry Minister, says governments and business leaders in North America must do a better job of selling the virtues of closer economic and security links among the three countries.
In a speech Tuesday to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, he said there is an urgent need to "demystify" the push to closer ties among Canada, the United States and Mexico, as outlined in the Security and Prosperity Partnership launched in March of 2005."

Gosh, Jim, they're doing their level best :

Stephen Harper : "Is the sovereignty of Canada going to fall apart if we standardize the jelly bean? You know, I don't think so."
John Kirton, U of T expert in the environmental effects of free trade :
"For example, Canada's rules on the nutritional content of cornflakes are slightly different from those in the U.S. So many Canadians drive across the border every day, and sometimes they eat American cornflakes. None of them have died."

Jim, the spin engines are on overload - they cannae take the strain, Captain !

You know, Jim, until such time as you guys expand your jelly beans and cornflakes statements to include stuff like the no-fly lists, harmonizing pesticide regs, food and drug standards, water sovereignty, four-fold increase in tarsands production, single perimeter military policy, environmental protection, the FBI operating in Canada, the sell-off of Canadian corporations, stuff like that - then "demystifying" the SPP by "selling the virtues" to us will just be more of the same fucking.crock.

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West End Bob said...

Jellybeans and cornflakes.

Is that a Tory gourmet breakfast I'm not familiar with ? ? ? ?

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