Thursday, October 18, 2007

Peace, pot, and the pettifogging Cons

You'll never guess what this is. Eugene found it.
It's a page at the Conservative Party of Canada website.

So if you are searching for info on the governing party of Canada, this is what you will find right below a picture of Prime Minister Stephen Harper : "Peace, Pot, Protectionism, and Parking Tickets".
It's a page slagging Dion for having anything to do with another party leader who would dare to countenance such outrageous ideas as peace, legalizing pot, and pulling out of the SPP and NAFTA.

Oh you silly Cons. You so don't want to go there.
Now that you are the governing party, you need to be promoting your own ideas.

Here. Just this once I'll turn this one around for you so it's more about you :

Now isn't that better? Sorry I couldn't fit anything into it this time about you guys and parking it.
Hope this one will do :



Q said...

Chicanery in a cheap cowboy outfit.
That's our Steve.
Sounds like a good platform actually, except for the parking ticket stuff.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

Great post.

I love your revised campaign montage. That shot of Steve in the vest never gets old.

Is it possible for Harper to stoop lower than this?

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