Friday, March 28, 2008

Flash Gordo and Pacific Spirit Park

Ross at The Gazetteer is calling out all blogging muskateers and associates to help save Pacific Spirit Park from residential development. In yet another bait and switch real estate blackmail ploy from the premier's office, a long overdue settlement with the Musqueam First Nation is being twinned with building condos in the park. So do you want to see the Musqueam fairly recompensed for their land or don't you? It's classic Gordo.

Ross suggests there is a third way but today he's concentrating on getting a message to the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors who are meeting today - yikes! - behind closed doors, and he provides you with links to your reps. Go.

Friday Update : Well, that meeting didn't go too well.

B.C. sets expropriation without compensation precedent

"A provincial law that gives Victoria the power to expropriate chunks of Pacific Spirit regional park without any financial compensation to Metro Vancouver is unprecedented in B.C., a lawyer for the regional government says."

Plus the legislation includes this handy clause : " 'no legal proceedings for damages or compensation ' can be filed against the B.C. government."

The irony of Metro Van now being in more or less the same position endured by the Musqueam First Nation up till now will not be lost on anyone but that doesn't make it right. In fact the particular piece of expropriated parkland was not even in play until a campaign fundraiser for Premier Campbell kicked up unholy hell about losing the golf course : Give Musqueam piece of Pacific Spirit Park instead of golf course

More at The Gazetteer.


RossK said...

Thanks A......

Folks are flockin' in from all over!

And anyone who has a twinge about Native reconciliation etc., please don't.....this is not a 'take stuff away from the Musqueam deal'.....there is other land there, and plenty of it, that is NOT in Pacific Spirit Park


RossK said...

...Updating.....MetroVan Directors are steamed, but their legal people say there is nothing they can do....updates via Alison at The Galloping Beaver and at my place.


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